Thursday, December 12, 2013

THANK YOU for your input on these concepts. These suggestions will be reviewed by the committee at the next meeting.

Lake Atalanta Public Meeting Notes-  Noon & 5 PM Sessions

Bike Park:
- Add a concrete skate park
- Try to avoid pre-cast concrete, use pour-in-place
- Skate bowls
- Variety of street and transition elements
- Lights
- Native plants
- Erosion control
- Impact study for trails
- Reduce mileage of trails
- Separate walking from biking trails
- Concerned about multi-use. Hikers should have some trails that are for     hiking only and other trails for bikers. There are enough biking trails
Park & Amenities:
- Shallow swimming area in the lake for kids (3-4 feet deep)
- First aid/bike repair/fishing supply shop
- Scout Hutch as an event and meeting space (utilities for a crowd)
- Benches
- Accessibly for wheelchairs/disabled
- Historical site signage (historical past, buildings)
- Nature signs (types of trees)
- No place that can’t be seen from a central location for safety
- Plenty of trash cans
- Rollerblading allowed
- Designated areas at dog park (big/little/courses)
- Dirt bike race track
- Natural style/colored playground equipment
- Emergency call boxes
- Community gardens
- Park/trail maintenance
- Archery range at back end of property
- Observation tower (limit field of vision of tower to the house to the west)
- Native plants
- Gazebo over Diamond Springs
- Mile markers
- Water learning center – water treatment & Scout Hutch, history with water,   education center
- Trails welcoming to hikers
- Trails in sensitive plant, animal, and geology areas
- Hummingbird festival
- Signage – interpretative of flora and fauna
- Add exhibition/events area in green space area
- Compartmentalize segments of the trail for various user groups.
- Bat & owl houses
- Keep trails off of slopes along Frisco and Prairie Creeks due to nesting bird and erosion
- Reposition bike trail on East side (to West of road)
- Light trail from Cherry to Clark Pavilion
- Security/ranger station
Dredging & Boardwalk:
- Boardwalk across Elder Cove and/or walk down fishing dock
- Bridge across lake from side to side so people do not have to walk the whole lake
- Add subsurface habitat to existing lake
- Walkway crossing lake
- Fishing bump-outs along boardwalk to prevent traffic problems
- Phosphorus mitigation
- Concerned about dredging sediments being left in piles on Elders property
Dam & Walnut Grove:
-Water impoundment would degrade the creek
- RV parking north of dam
- Minimize ponding on steams
- Keep the creek flowing as it is now
- Stock lake with native fish (no trout)
Pedestrian & Vehicular Circulation:
- Pave road around lake.
- Highway 12 improved access
- Parking along the road (pull offs)
- Add tree islands in parking areas
- Make road around lake pedestrian only
- Remove the road around lake
- Speed tables/breaks
- Gate road access
- Should not be a bike dominated park
- Eliminate the road – make it a hiking road, not an area to congregate
- If nature center needs to be accessible by vehicle, allow from dam parking lot to nature center. Prohibit vehicle traffic between nature center and Timber Ridge for a natural experience

Walnut Street Improvements:
- Lighted, safe pedestrian trail from downtown to lake for access.
- Restaurant/coffee shop to draw people
- Access to East Walnut (East of park)
- Stroller access to downtown
- Keep fireplace in pavilion
- Keep green space on Southside
- Remove invasive/exotic vegetation (Kudu, Japanese Honeysuckle, and Privet)
- No trout pond on South side

Additional Comments:
- Coordinate planning between Gateway downtown plan and Lake Atalanta
- Extend public input period 30-45 days
- Lake Atalanta advisory board should include a more diverse group of citizens
- Concerned about ensuring environment is considered in all designs
- Medians are hard and expensive to maintain
- Send the power company a letter to stop them from spreading herbicides under the power lines.
- Concerned about invasive construction into hillside
- Concrete advised for Skate Park
- Free Wi-Fi
- Maintain restriction of “no amplified sound”

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